This is my journal

In this journal entry I used a jar stamp, pen, and watercolor.

Journaling is really the thing I Love the most about art. It gives me freedom to do whatever I want without feeling like it’s on an expensive canvas and supposed to be “something amazing.” It’s a great way to try out different materials, and gives you the freedom to tear it out if you hate it (though I don’t recommend that because you get to see how far you’ve come!). I also Love symbolism and color. What does the red jar mean to you?


4 thoughts on “This is my journal

  1. The red jar seems to be the only jar that is exactly half empty. The red could represent a pessimistic view of life – anger at feeling unfulfilled ?

    I’m very curious to know your meaning.

    • Thanks for your interest in my journal page. This page represents how everyone (the jars) are the same…hanging in a row. And there is one red jar (me) seeking its place in the world. Not necessarily to become famous or rich, but to show the passion of art to those who don’t see it as important.

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